In our digital world, it is necessary for every business to have a digital marketing strategy. While traditional marketing methods are still relevant in today’s world. Therefore, the sheer amount of time we spend and rely on the internet has led to a boom in digital marketing. Statistical data from our realities: 93% of people read online reviews before making a purchase. 81% of consumers go online to find information and get answers to questions about a product or service before heading into a store to make a purchase. 45% of shoppers buy online and then pick up the product in store. Buyers are 70% more likely to purchase through retargeted advertising. Social media advertising accounts for 33% of all digital advertising in 2022.

Determining the target audience

This is reason, your digital strategy can help create e-commerce success in both the near Consumer Mobile Number Database and distant future. If you don’t have an adequate digital marketing plan, your company is unlikely to grow. Therefore, how many clients can you serve personally? Do you have enough time to design your future or are you drowning in operating systems. Your digital ads can run without you and be shown to different potential customers at the same time. We are pleased to present a sample digital marketing strategy from our south african partner who is an expert in gps tracking and digital marketing. Designed for small businesses, this strategy is adaptable to the needs of any local entrepreneur. It offers a plan that can be customized to suit your specific business needs and local market conditions.

Social Media Management:

The digital marketing plan it describes the strategic concept of a small business that Bulk Lead specializes in the sale and installation of gps tracking devices. With the goal of increasing sales within 3-6 months, the plan is designed to be implemented by a small . Therefore, team with limited digital marketing knowledge. Smart goals increase online sales by 30% over the next 6 months by optimizing the online store and running targeted digital marketing campaigns. Increased customer base by 25% over the next 3 months through strategic social media efforts and referral marketing programs. Achieving an engagement rate of 15% on social media platforms over the next 4 months by creating .