What is the most important goal of each campaign? This question may seem easy, but it is worth considering it before starting work on the scoring system.  Why do we operate in many areas and use marketing automation systems? The only right answer is customer satisfaction. It is the customer who will ultimately decide whether our offer and services are good and worth spending money on. Is the scoring system able to ensure our participation in ensuring the satisfaction of our customers? Building communication with the client, which will be bas on the actual recognition.

After all we deal with a lead

Of our client’s commitment and level of knowlge, is crucial in building a good relationship and providing the highest quality services. For example, if we are interest in buying a backyard sauna, but we just came up with this idea and we still ne to gain knowlge that will help us create a plan on how to go about such an undertaking, it would be disastrous if, when we first visit a website offering sauna sales and installation services, we receive messages that would encourage us to Dubai Mobile Number List make a purchase as soon as possible. That is only at the initial stage of the purchasing process differently than with one that is already properly ucat and ready to make a purchase.

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Before we start working on campaigns

Thanks to the scoring system, we can focus on each potential customer and, bas on properly design ranges of scoring points, identify hot leads and launch campaigns supporting closing sales for them. . How to prepare for creating a scoring system?  Bas on lead scoring, it is worth spending some time analyzing customers’ shopping paths and building personas that will help us identify those moments on the shopping path that are the crossing point for Bulk Lead moving to the next stage of conversion or withdrawing from it.