Describe the company as a whole

Relat to the main activity of the company, do not use categories only as keywords or attributes describing the company, do not use categories that refer to other companies locat nearby or relat to your company, entities that are superior or subordinate to it, choose categories that define the type of business, not the services it provides. Rather than listing the services, products, or amenities it offers. Once you’ve select a category, click ‘Proce’. Step : Enter your business location How to create a Google My Business listing. In this step, Google will ask, “Do you want to add a location that customers can visit, such as a store or office.

Important Some business categories

The answer to this question is very important. It determines in which action your business card will appear. By selecting the “Yes” option, you will make your business card appear most often to people who are in the vicinity of your company. On the other hand, the “No” option will allow you to reach a slightly wider target group. However, this will happen less Exit Mobile Phone Database frequently. Require you to have a specific location. Step : Enter your business address On this screen, enter your business address so that Google can verify that your business exists.

Phone Number List

The address in GMF must

It cannot be a PO Box Only one company can be locat in one place of residence. A card with a verification code will also be sent to the address provid. How to create a Google My Business listing? Provide the full and accurate address of the facility. Providing the full address makes the site more crible.  Match the one on the website. Step : Choose whether you are a shop or a service provider Here you can choose whether you want customers to visit your store or if you work Bulk Lead from home and prefer customers not to visit your office.

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