Fill out the Brief! Completing the brief will take you a few moments and will allow us to better prepare for the conversation with you. Senuto – review of the visibility analysis tool SEO December ,that every SEO man and woman knows and uses Senuto in their daily work. What is Senuto, how can it help you improve your daily duties and increase the effectiveness of positioning? we suggest! What is Senuto? Senuto is a platform that facilitates the work of SEO specialists. It is bas on Big Data and Machine Learning thanks to which it helps to identify keywords.

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Search for new semantically relat phrases and examine the current visibility of the website. This tool will be us by: broadly understood marketers, content managers, SEO copywriters, and e-commerce specialists. However, even small business owners can find the advantages of this tool and use it in the daily promotion of their brand on the Internet. Work Senuto allows you to optimize the working time of SEO specialists, which is why it is so popular in agencies that work on many clients and time is something heavily ration. What makes Senuto easier? Visibility Nepal Mobile Number List analysis The basic tool is “visibility analysis”, which allows you to verify how many key phrases a given domain is visible in Google.

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Before we move on to the functionality of the tool. It is worth reminding what key phrases are and why they are so important in SEO! Keywords are words that Internet users type into the Google search engine. For example, keywords are “weather” – when we want to find out how much more snow will fall and why for so long, “commercial Sunday.” –  We can visit Lidl next Sunday, “avalanche danger in the Tatra Mountains on December ” – because in Bulk Lead winter it is always worth checking the weather conditions! SEO specialists, bas on their knowlge, as well as data from tools such as Senuto, select key phrases for the website.