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The user who enters it should see the content that interests him. But how do we know what products to promote and offer to potential customers? What are they looking for on our site? If you want to learn how to analyze terms search by recipients in your store and instructions on how to properly configure this functionality in Google Analytics (both UA and GA versions), please read on! Benefits of the on-page search function You can add many functions to pages, some are less useful and some are more useful. The search engine is one of the most popular proposals offer to users.  Interesting products on the website and save time that would have.

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To be spent browsing through lists of various categories (especially when the store offers a very large number of products). To implement various facilitations for customers. The most important thing is the analysis of recipients’ interaction with them, which is why we will show you how to collect such data correctly. Analytics What do you ne to be able to track searches on your site? The first step is to have a properly working search engine on your website. Statistics Panama Phone Number List say that search is so important to users that % of them will not return to the site if they encounter low quality of this feature on the site.

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The search results page should

It should meet several basic requirements: the search bar should be clearly visible. The search box must be plac where users expect to find it (top right corner of the page), it is important that it handles common searches (e.g. showing the most popular results), misspellings and abbreviations well, Be built so that it contains information about how many results have been found, if there are no results for a given term, it is important that it Bulk Lead indicates to the user another search or a further path.

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