Best Code Visualization

Best Code Visualization

For development to be organized, efficient and effective, it must be seen. It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when working on the details of complex architecture.

s and a few packages can help you understand the future state of your code, but they won’t help you understand what your code looks like now. 

Your code should be documented visually to ensure that the details are not only ordered but also laid out in a way that is more understandable.

When you view a code, you can:

  • Find the bugs and fix them.
  • Create a dependency table.
  • Identify the user flow.
  • Work with others.
  • Create comprehensive project concepts.

 visualization makes it easier to model how you want the code to look, understand how it actually looks, and identify problems 

In other words code

To document source files, static analysis is applied to C, C++, Java, and Python code. Then, using Sourcetrail’s UI that combines b2b phone lists code presentation and graph visualization, developers can browse the source code.

When a project is created, Sourcetrail will index the source files to identify classes, functions and types in the source code. An online index is used. After that, only the updated files need to be reloaded.

Theoretical paper

  • All definitions and references within your source files are found with their detailed static analysis. There are several options available for setting up a project.
  • You can quickly find any symbol throughout the entire codebase using the search field. With just a few keystrokes, fuzzy keyword matching gives you the best results.
  • A quick view of a class, method, field, etc., and all relations can be obtained quickly by using a graph visualization. It is completely interactive.
  • Connect Sourcetrail and your favorite source editor via a plugin. This makes it easy to switch between research and writing.
  • In a Bulk Lead  well-organized collection of code snippets, the code view stores all the implementation details about the element in focus.

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