That’s why PE rope is weak in receiving sudden shock forces.

But in reality, there are various cushioning factors such as rod bending, drag on the reel and slack line.

Sulam rope is weakened by friction
At the end of our rope system, it will often be an area that suffers a lot of frictional damage from the fish’s teeth, fins, scales and surrounding structures.

Toto has conducted experiments to show the weakness of PE rope against friction

He uses clothespins to ensure even pressure. He did 3 to 4 rounds Phone Number List of sand paper rubbing on the PE rope and it broke. While fluorocarbon and mono rope (of the same strength) can receive 10 rounds of friction and not break.


He swiped the PE rope with a single swipe. Notice the PE strap has hair from one swipe.

Then Mr. Totos stretches the rope and measures the level of breaking weight.

This test was performed 3 times and the results were:

A 10kg strong PE rope can only hold 2kg.

This is surprising as it is only 18% of the rope’s original strength.

So it is clear that mono and fluoro ropes are more resilient than PE ropes

Embroidery rope that has hair is only able to maintain 18% of the strength of the rope.

Closing We need a leader line system to make the line difficult for the fish to detect

Phone Number List

And what is most important is that it is more durable Bulk Lead to face the strength of fish and unexpected obstacles.

Therefore, it is mandatory to help us land trophy fish.

Fasting may not seem like the best way to manage nutrition .

This is because it is an act of refraining from taking nutrition at a certain time.

However, many studies show that there are health benefits of fasting and how it becomes an exercise for the body if done in moderation.

A study on the benefits of fasting 2 days a week
The latest research on the benefits of fasting comes from the two-day-a-week fasting diet by Michael Mosley.