What mechanism you use is entirely up to you. Remember, however, that if you use similar frames, in an e-mail campaign or other places, they should not duplicate each other, but complement each other – this is what omnichannel is all about. Loyalize Well, here we come to the crux of the matter. Fun, real-time, but if they don’t directly benefit the customer, they won’t be attractive . Especially if your competition has prices similar to yours or even lower. Surely you are aware that these days, people rarely make decisions right away, after visiting the first online store.

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The vast majority of purchases are prec by good research. To break through, you ne to use your USP unique selling proposition to convince the user that shopping with you is the only good option. What has a positive impact apart from the price on the store’s rating and favors loyalty: free delivery Many types of deliveries several courier companies, parcel lockers, collection points, etc. Extend return time Free return of goods and/or door-to-door option, and at the same time a Cayman Islands Phone Number List minimum of formalities Deferr payment PayPo Loyalty points for every purchase entitling you to discounts on products or delivery Shipping extras in the form of freebies.

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Samples or catalogs Virtual changing room and fitting wizards as an extension of the classic size table in the case of the clothing or footwear material  material  rules of use specifications Blog tips on how to choose the right product depending on your nes Possibility of quick online consultation via chat  bot  Messenger  telephone contact Reviews of other users, photos of products submitt by customers on Instagram in the form of a tag or on a blog Bonuses for opinions about products and the store Bulk Lead Quality certificates Don’t act in the dark There is no one right way to achieve the desir result.