Summary A comprehensive, but not overload with information, brief will allow the copywriter to do his job reliably and minimize the risk of sending content back for correction. By preparing it, you also make your work easier – once you have develop a brief template, you will be able to use it for subsequent orders . think about what well-develop content should look like and whether the guidelines you send are missing information. A well-manag copywriter is your secret weapon against competition and search engine algorithms – use it wisely!Major changes are coming to the world of analytics.

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July  Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) will stop collecting data. Its new version – Google Analytics will become the only possible tool thanks to which you will be able to analyze the data coming from your website on an ongoing basis.  Google Analytics was announc on October. It is a response to the changing shopping habits of users on the Internet, and in particular to the growing popularity of mobile devices. We wrote about it in our previous article – Is Google Cayman Islands Phone Number List Analytics the tool of the future? Nowadays, every website and tool has to take care of the privacy of its users.

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While Universal Analytics offers various privacy controls, Google Analytics helps you meet the changing nes and expectations of your users more easily with more comprehensive and granular controls on data collection and use. What exactly will happen? Fortunately, the changes that await us will not be so sudden. According to information provid by Google, until July , , you will still be able to collect and analyze data in Universal Analytics services. However No new data will be collect after this date. Access to previously process information will be maintain for at Bulk Lead least months from that date.  Date when you will no longer be able to access Universal Analytics reports.