AIDA method: what anyone with an e-commerce needs to know

Knowing the AIDA method can prove very useful for those who have an e-commerce site or intend to open one: discover on the blog everything you. Need to know to increase sales with this model Published on March 05, 2021 Alt text Attention , interest , desire and action are the four pillars of the .  AIDA method, a particular theoretical .  Model of how advertising works, born in the 19th century but still valid and effective today.

What is the AIDA method and what is it for

As we have already had the opportunity to mention, the.  AIDA method is a theoretical model that describes how advertising works. Presented for America Cell Phone Number List the first time in 1898 by .  Elias St. Elmo Lewis and revived in the twenties of the last century by EK Strong, this method became .  Popular starting from the sixties, but still maintains today, with the explosion of e-commerce , validity and effectiveness. AIDA is an .  English acronym that .  Stands for “ Awareness ”, “ Interest ”, “ Desire ” and .  Action ”. In Italian.  as mentioned, the 4 letters AIDA stand for “Attention,.  Interest”, “Desire” and “Action”.

How the AIDA method works

The “attention” phase is the initial one and requires the maximum effort on the part of the seller . Who must be good at intercepting the customer’s need or problem . The operation is not particularly simple, because Bulk Lead understanding the consumer’s needs is not enough: it is equally important to.  Be able to capture his attention. Here the first phase of “attention” is connected to the second, that of “interest”. It is possible to capture the customer’s attention in different ways and through various forms (from textual content to videos,

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