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More and more often they hit each other and hurt each other. To me that solving the problem with authority, power or violence is not the best solution, since most of the children come from crisis areas. So I approached the problem in a different way. If one of the kids hit another, I’d walk up to that kid, hug him and tell him I love him and I’m there for him. After just three days, the children were like little angels.

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They looked out for each other I will remember this experience. If you take your time and give all your love, you can solve any problem, no matter how complex and terrible. I will consider the power of love more often in the future. How can you combine all these experiences with your new job at Enigma? At Enigma I’m not the only NGO lover. Some of the France Mobile Number List Enigma team have already gained experience in NGOs or are willing to get involved with such organizations.  Projects for NGOs before me and I think we can offer the NGOs something special with the help of the Design Thinking Spirit or our toolbox.

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These tools can really create social change.  problems can be solved with an innovative idea. What would you like to achieve as Senior Design Strategist at Enigma? My role at Enigma will be to help Enigma and our customers with a combination of technology and design. After this year, I see Design Thinking as the tool for these changes. On the other hand, technology and automation also play an important role. This saves a lot of time that can be invested in Bulk Lead more meaningful human interactions. In short, I will help our customers invest the time saved. In more important human interactions by automating simple technical tasks.

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