10 rules for writing effective Facebook and Instagram posts

10 rules for writing effective facebook . And instagram posts is there a precise technique, to follow to the letter.  To create social posts capable of involving and leaving their mark? One no, but ten suggestions yes. The dream of all companies (and social mia managers) that are promot on facebook and instagram? Publish the perfect, original and creative post.  At the right point, characteriz by a balanc mix of text and images. The ideal post must immiately arouse the “wow” reaction in users.  Stimulate comments and trigger word of mouth until it goes viral. One in a thousand he makes it. One in a thousand manages to advertise on the most us social platforms. 

From Advertising to Social Media

It would be a great thing for your business! Special Data Let’s understand together how you can try to achieve the goal. Chicco meomartini, senior copywriter of , gave us some tips during his lesson . It’s a pleasure to share his suggestions here, with you. Download the instagram guide imageimage from . Advertising to social mia meomartini’s advice – as well as his training.  Has well-plant roots in traditional advertising. To communicate well on social mia, in fact, it can be useful to know the basics of classic advertising.  And in particular the mechanisms of invention of a press campaign. We do not want to go into too much detail.  Inde for our purpose it will be enough to explain to you the differences .  And the relationship – between the “old” (it’s about to say eh!) headline, and bodycopy.

Writing engaging posts on Facebook and Instagram

The headline is the title of a print advertisement. Bulk Lead  The most important and most prominent text, perhaps the only one in the entire campaign to be read. It’s the heart of advertising. It can be form by one or more words, but also by a sentence of complete meaning. The headline must be simple, clear and incisive. It harmonizes with the visual to complete the message of the advertisement. Post efficaci diesel be stupid what are the main functions of a headline? Communicate something, entertaining the reader, making sure that.  The brand stands out from the competition.  Sell and more generally make people do something. Visual and I’ the visual is the visual apparatus of the advertisement. Together with the headline, it communicates a precise meaning.  In this sense it is the complementary.  Element to the headline in the transmission of the promotional message. 

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