With this in mind please really think

With this in mind please really think

This is why Pride Month is still celebrated every year and why it is still needed. The real changes to protect the crowd have only been in place in the last few years. Not only that, but these things are always at risk of being overturned.  About why you are running a Pride event. Is it to help support the movement, raise awareness of historical and current events, or to profit from increased exposure at a pride celebration? Why are you running a pride movement? First ask yourself why are we doing this event? Why now? Just because it’s pride month and you want a quick profit is not a good reason.

Your pride event could be as small

If it’s because you’ve done a lot of work internally to raise awareness of rights, publicly supported your staff for your campaign and you want to raise money for charity, then you have some great reasons to start a campaign for pride. As changing your business’ profile picture on social media to a pride flag to show that members of the community will always be welcome at your business or you might want to launch a product line based on pride Albania Phone Numbers List month. The bigger the event, the more research you’ll need to do to make sure your event isn’t just about profit. Once you come up with some ideas for your campaign then you have to run the campaign and ideas through the people who work in your business.

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Another thing to consider

The best way to do this is to send out an anonymous questionnaire for staff to fill out. Not everyone in your business will come out to you so this gives them a chance to have their say without revealing themselves. Not only that, but people would be more honest if they could give their feedback anonymously, which might stop you from doing inappropriate activity. Is are you celebrating Pride year-round? That doesn’t mean there are rainbow Bulk Lead signs year-round in fact far from it.

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