If you are more familiar with writing sales pages, you can take advantage of more complex structures that are typically built around one of these simple structures. 17 elements Register statement and data protection Outline of the sales page The next step is to outline the sales page. Personally, I always do this with French lines. add what I want to say with French lines and decide where to add the results and feedback. Note that in addition to the background work, you also need these things: Title For whom the product is suitable and for whom it is not Offer (NOTE! has to be on sale, but that everything is included in the price.

The offer does not mean that the product

 It is therefore important here to list all the bonuses, etc., that you get for the price) Action prompts Eliminating the risk, i.e. money latest database back guarantee It is a good idea to add these five sections mentioned above to the actual structure at appropriate points. Typically these are at the bottom of the page, under Action) Writing a sales page Only after this we can officially write the sales page. A sales page always starts with a title. You should take some time to think about the title. 30 – 45 min is usually enough. The task of the title is to arouse interest and curiosity. have worked best for me . After the title you can either write from beginning to end one section at a time or take the section that feels more natural to write next Sometimes it’s hard to get started and even writing a title can seem challenging.

There are four title options that

Then you can try to start writing the sales page one section at a time from a completely different point. Maybe you want to add a little story about yourself to the sales page and write who the product suits and who it doesn’t. For some, it’s best that once the sales page is written, the title comes naturally. If flow takes you over , write a sales page as much and as long as you can. Do not edit the text in any way during the writing phase, just let the text come. Or, if you feel like you don’t want to find the flow, split the sales page into sections and write one section one day and then  Bulk Lead  leave the text to incubate. At this point, you don’t have to worry yet if the text doesn’t feel logical or coherent. We’ll get to that next Tips for writing Identify the time when you are most energetic.