Rainy weather will usually make the water temperature drop drastically
When the water temperature suddenly drops to cold, most fish species will generally become passive.

At this time, only disturbing species such as thorn fish and serisat are fiercely disturbing the bait.

When this situation occurs, it is better for us to pack up, move to another place, or take the opportunity to rest first while waiting for the current to bring back the hot water.

If we choose to change our minds, where should we go?

Try to find an area where there is a drain or pipe drainage that brings water into

The river or ocean.
If the weather before that is hot all day, the heat Latest Mailing Database from the land will be transferred through the water that flows in through the drain.

Water that has this heat will attract micro-organisms which will attract shrimp and small fish, then attract large fish as well.

BUT , if it has been raining all day, then there is no need to have high hopes for this place.

Better to go home and sleep. Haha!

When the Water Temperature is Too High

If we fish in a dead river or an abandoned pond on a very hot day, the surface temperature of the water can be too high by the sun’s rays.

When this happens the water will lose density and oxygen will begin to decrease

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Without oxygen, the fish will begin to have Bulk Lead difficulty breathing

So they will seek shade or go deeper where it is cooler.

When we find the water temperature is rising, what we can do is target the fish in a deep position.

However, if the pond is shallower than 7 feet, then we can forget about fishing there for a while because the fish will just settle on the bottom.

On a hot day, try to aim the lure in a shady area like under a tree because that’s where the fish are usually.

Conclusion: Not All Fish Are Passive When Temperatures Are Cold
cold water

Not all fish species are affected by temperature changes.