This puts us in the role of a scientist

This puts us in the role of a scientist

Testing is perform one at a time in a test environment. Only then can a given ranking factor be abstract and check whether there is actually an effect in the form of e.g. a higher ranking position for a given phrase.  Detective who follows leads, checks if clues are false and makes hypotheses while questioning them (as any good scientist or detective should do). Just … how to do it to check what actually works and what is just search engine homeopathy? And it’s easy to fall into the SEO-no-data trap. Many experienc specialists, unfortunately, rely only on their own otherwise valuable experience.

The risk of error is high so it is worth

After all, that’s what he got them for, right? If something work in ten e-commerce, it can also be assum that in the eleventh it will also “bite”. However, it is worth applying the principle of limit trust also (and perhaps especially?) in relation to oneself. Man is a fallible creature, and the world, just like the Internet, is dynamically changing. Not only that – Internet users are also changing and their expectations towards websites are different than, for example, years ago.  basing your decisions on data, not only on experience. We as SEO specialists want to believe that Indonesia Mobile Number List Google’s algorithm is not the result of accidentally rolling the dice, but has its core, which we can learn through the analysis of various ranking factors.

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Data analysis can be us at every stage

SEO banner dark Where can data-driven SEO be us? Actually everywhere! Each factor, more or less effectively, can be abstract and its impact on the ranking check. It will not be possible to use the scientific method effectively every time, but its elements can be us. Of SEO activities. Data-driven SEO is perfect for the following cases: keyword analysis ; by analyzing keywords and at the same time their profitability, you can choose them so that they Bulk Lead are not difficult to optimize and at the same time bring the best return on investment.

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