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With the right strategy, we can ensure that, thanks to a campaign, on television and social mia, the user will enter on a laptop, use the Google search engine and enter our website, and then make a purchase. We can use two or even three different channels here: TV, Google search ads and social mia. Chang form, can also be extend to offline marketing, by placing a poster or billboard in a place where we will later target the Facebook ad. The Facebook ad account allows us to push a pin to a specific location, down to km.

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By choosing the right location, a bus stop, we can appear twice in the user’s mind and thus make the potential customer more likely to come into direct contact with the brand. Reinforcement of the message In order to increase revenue, we ne to increase the probability that the user will go through the entire purchasing process, or other, lead generation, relat to our Slovenia Phone Number List goals, from beginning to end. The message. And as a result, strengthening the register information in the user’s memory, so that the message functions in his memory until we achieve the expect results.

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Of course, we can remind the user only in one channel, but being remind in several, in a properly select form of a message for the channel, can further strengthen the message.  To visit our newly open stationary store, we can appear on social mia, but a poster informing that the store is just around the corner may be decisive. But if you’ve read about the store, are in the area, and something else reminds you of it, it’s quite likely that you’ll visit it out of Bulk Lead curiosity when you have a spare moment.

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