Therefore it is a successful tip that helps Black Friday directly. 14. Engage with the customer Listening is a profitable habit that you should apply not only to yourself, but also to your eCommerce website. Listen to your customer. Why? The customer is your bread and butter. What they think of your website is most important above all else. Acting according to your customer is a successful marketing strategy to retain customers. 15. Offer for mobile only Consumer behavior is important. The reason is that 43% of Black Friday shopping and the growth in sales is due to mobile.

Organising competitions and events

It is estimate that nearly 70% of Black Friday sales on Shopify occurre due to consumer use of smartphones. So, to be a successful e-commerce store in 2022, you nee to have mobile-only deals. 16. Improvement of AOV AOV refers to the average database order value. During Black Friday or if it is Cyber ​​Monday, the key parameter is to increase the AOV of the shopping cart. shipping, gifts, etc. 17. Social Meia Contests and Events is a good tip for making contact with your target group. It helps with brand awareness, visibility and increase traffic to your e-commerce site, especially during Black Friday.


An excellent marketing tip

You can offer gifts to your target audience and can ask them to share their story or photos and also feeback about your goods and services to build trust Bulk Lead among the new visitors. 18. Communicate with your target audience Communication is the key to everything, whether to solve a problem or to build a relationship. You nee to understand and communicate with your customer and each stage of their customer journey to achieve conversions. It’s, especially when you have Black Friday.