This article will The content is written by a person who has knowlge, expertise and experience in the relevant topic. If you want to make your site’s EAT stronger and attract more visitors, you can also consider adding a separate section for comments and reviews. Although search engines prefer easily measurable parameters, websites that reflect a high level of EAT tend to be favor by the algorithm because having these characteristics indicates that your site meets all the nes and expectations of your current and potential users.

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Vvery beneficial for you to keep this point seo expate bd in mind while optimizing your post for SEO. . DON’T FORGET TO OPTIMIZE THE META DESCRIPTION TO IMPROVE YOUR SERP POSITION The meta description is a short summary of your website, or in this case, the content of your blog post. When you scroll through your search engine results page (SERP), the short paragraph below the title is your meta description. Ideally, your title should be no longer than characters (or pixels), while your description should be between and characters (no more than pixels). It’s equally important to include relevant keywords and your brand name if necessary.

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Sure your text is clear and fully visible, you Bulk Lead can enter your potential meta description into a tool like Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool . Post optimization for SEO includes content that is creat not only to meet the nes of your readers, but also search engines. A good meta description can improve click-through-rate (the number of clicks your result receives, divid by the number of times it is view) and search engines tend to reward platforms that perform well in the SERP. This is why optimizing your meta description for SEO is a fundamental step in making your marketing strategy effective.