The TLS certificate additionally ensures data integrity and their authentication, which further increases the level of security. View of the website with the HTTPS protocol in the browser As of today, the vast majority of websites use the HTTPS protocol. How to recognize it?  in its address. Types of SSL certificates There are many companies offering SSL certificates on the market, and which service we decide to use depends only on us. The offers of most of them look almost the same, because currently we can specify three basic types of certificates, which can be divid according to the type of their verification.

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These are: Domain Validation (DV) – with domain validation It is the basic and most commonly us type of certificate, intend in particular for individual clients. It is suitable for securing business websites, blogs, small e-commerce stores and private websites. The annual cost of purchasing a certificate is usually several dozen zlotys, and the verification time does not exce several hours. Organization Validation (OV) – with organization validation. This type of certificate is a more extensive equivalent. Of its precessor and is address only to companies. Online stores, e-mail UAE Mobile Number List services, databases, as well as larger Internet portals. The cost of an OV certificate is usually around several hundr zlotys per year.

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The time of its verification is slightly longer and may take up to several days. Not only the rights to the domain are verifi, but also the company’s register data (KRS). in the certificate concerns not only the domain itself, as in the case of the DV certificate, but also data about the organization. Extend Validation (EV) – with extend validation. Of the organization The last type of certificate. EV, is intend for state. And financial Bulk Lead institutions, large e-commerce websites. official and mical websites.