The news page constantly updates

The news page constantly updates

Now the rules of the game are about to change, and Google promises that the new indexing process will be more sustainable and more environmentally friendly. Not every page nes to be regularly visit by Google, right? It’s a huge waste of resources. Anyway, even in a frequently changing website there is this problem – not every subpage is constantly chang.  Various information, but on the other hand there are immutable subpages such as the “About us” tab; beevergreen content that changes rarely or not at all.

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Then why waste resources when you can use them to index what really changes.  In Poland, which is a pity, because Google strongly rewards explaining the world to him. Google appreciates when SEO specialists themselves provide the information ne to recognize the type of content on a given page. But what is structur data ? You can learn more from the link article, however, briefly: these are markings that help search engines understand what each page contains – is something an article, a company description, or maybe a recipe? As we mention above – it is worth proving yourself, because there is not much work, and the effects can be Philippines Mobile Number List spectacular, because few SEO specialists have been tempt by this aspect of on-site optimization so far.

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MUM Mum surpris positioners like the winter of drivers – and unnecessarily, after all, it has long been known that Google is trying its best to ensure that search results are of the highest quality and most adapt to the nes of users. ‘s no wonder that he walks away from RankBrain at a quick trot, and BERT from is slowly becoming history. Now it’s time for the Multitask Unit Model or simply MUM. MUM is supposly (!) times more powerful than BERT and is capable of translating content, analyzing video, reading images, all of which allows it to recognize Bulk Lead user intentions and create search results that are a ready answer to even the most complex question.

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