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Performance Marketing Diamonds. Diamond for Sempai Merchant Malgorzata Cichocka May. You will read in ~ min. Performance Marketing. Diamonds We receiv the most valuable jewel in the entire digital industry the Performance. Marketing Diamond. Our proprietary Sempai Merchant technology took st place in the Performance. Technology of the Year category in an international competition organiz. By the Chamber of Electronic Economy. On May , a gala was held at Kinguin Esports Lounge in Gdańsk. During which the winners of the th ition of the Performance Marketing Diamonds CEE competition were announc. It is the only competition in Poland that appreciates and shows performance campaigns implement not only on the Polish market, but also in the entire CEE region.

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The organizer is the Chamber of Electronic Economy. Which represents and supports the interests of companies relat to the electronic economy market in Poland. With particular emphasis on companies associat in the eChamber. The jury compos of experts from. The marketing and ecommerce industry, in the first database phase of evaluating the submitt works, nominat the best campaigns in categories The most effective paid social mia campaign The most effective SEM campaign The most effective affiliate program The most effective sales campaign The most effective mobile campaign Best pandemic effects The most effective lead generation campaign.


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The most effective video campaign Longterm performance cooperation The integrat campaign of the year The most effective content marketing campaign Performance Technology of the Year The winners in each were then chosen. With Sempai Team, we won in the Performance Technology of the Year category, to which we submitt our proprietary of product ads on Google and Facebook Sempai Merchant . It consists of a comprehensive service that provides an advantage in key elements of the campaign. The main advantages of Sempai Merchant are automation and making Bulk Lead it easier for specialists to control campaigns bas on machine learning.

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