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Probably most users will be more interest in an article in which The Witcher will be includ. As we can see, these are not synonymous phrases. You can safely write an article about The Witcher without mentioning the author, just like about Sapkowski.  Words, words that mean two things at once – everyone knows them. When we enter “mouse” in the search engine, do we want to learn something about the species of a small mammal belonging to the mouse family, or do we want to buy a computer mouse? This and that fit the query, and the intent behind the query can vary.

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In different contexts, the same phrase takes on different meanings, so the accompanying words that are not the direct key phrase are so important. mouse-key-search Does LSI exist? Officially not. tweet about the existence of lsi keyword  is that there are no LSI words, however, can SEO specialists agree with this? It’s hard to say. Without a doubt, there are advanc algorithms that allow you to understand the page in depth and match it to queries in an accurate Thailand Mobile Number List way. This is not necessarily bas on just the keywords and LSI words that occur. Instead, the entire page is analyz to determine its theme and best match the intention of users.

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So maybe it’s not technically LSI, but from the practice of SEOs, you can conclude that adding so-call relat phrases works, and it works well. And assuming the sad scenario that LSI phrases don’t work, does that mean you should stop using them? Absolutely not! We must remember that thanks to the use of LSI, the content will be more interesting, more cross-sectional, more extensive. LSIs create contexts that can be very encouraging for users.  Longer and read it more willingly. The content is suppos to be interesting above all – the user comes first, follow by Bulk Lead robots, algorithms and SEO employees. The era of keyword obsession is over.