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What is it all about? For the pharmacy, SEO competition is not only pharmacies, but also websites dealing with health, descriptions of diseases and mical cases, as well as lifestyle blogs. For example, the name of the drug Amoxiclav is the first to pop up on the not even sell drugs, but only describes them. Even though they do not sell what a pharmacy in the strict sense does, they still compete for the same key phrases. Therefore, Senuto allows you to correctly determine the competition bas on common key phrases.

The third place to analyze

Example for Rossmann: The “visibility analysis” page contains general data, but if we want to analyze our position on the SEO market and determine how big a “piece of the pie” we have, we can go to the “competition” tab. We get very specific information here, who wins, who loses and where we are in the industry landscape. The competition is a tool titl like this: In competitor analysis: We can choose what we want to see: common keywords, those for which we and our competitors are visible; competitor keywords, which are one of the most useful modules, because they provide information on which keyword phrases can still be us on the website – they Nigeria Mobile Number List constitute a kind of potential content plan, we know what content should be add to the website to be a real competition, and not only potential.

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The last option is key phrases for which there is no visible competition – they are a significant competitive advantage that we already have. Keyword database  But the activities of a specialist are aim at constantly increasing visibility, and what new key phrases we can gain visibility for. We can get this information from the “keyword database” When ask about “women’s hoodie”, Senuto gives us hints as to which additional phrases relat to the topic are worth Bulk Lead attention: In this case, a sweatshirt + a brand, “adidas”, “nike” are interesting key phrases.