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The importance of SEO When talking about online trading today, the term SEO often crops up in discussions. The problem here is that even self-proclaimed  with a simple or straightforward reason to convince their counterpart to use search engine optimization in their business processes. SEO Bern SEO EFFECTS ON YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS AND ONLINE MARKETING What we can learn from other countries My name is Ebrahim Mehrno and I have seven years of online trading experience in Iran.

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There I used various SEO tricks in my company to rank websites for the most difficult and important keywords. So that you too are informed about the political situation in Iran: There is no access to Facebook, Youtube and Google Adwords. There are million online users and thousands of online businesses in all kinds of fields.¬† has significantly less competition. After all the experience I have gained, I know what measures work if you want to improve your position in search engine rankings. Now let’s start our SEO journey. For business Germany Mobile Number List owners, I would define SEO as follows: Find the problems and needs of Internet users in your industry that you can solve with your expertise. Turn your solutions into content.

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When creating your website and its content , think first and foremost about your customers and only then about search engines like Google. Search engines are not people. We need to show them how to crawl a website so that a Google search will find the right content. Let’s watch a speech by Matt Cutts: Search Engine Optimization – Services in Switzerland¬† in Switzerland? Matt Cutts talks about website optimization The impact of social media on Bulk Lead SEO As already mentioned, access to many popular search engines and social networks is not possible in Iran.