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What is worth noting is that despite the constant improvement of systems in assessing accuracy, they are not design in a way that allows subjective assessment of concepts relat to, for example, the political overtones of a website. Quality of content – after recognizing relevance, Google prioritizes resources, i.e. selects pages that are to respond to user intentions in a professional manner, presenting reliable and crible content. In this process is the presence of links or references to the content on other popular websites. Usability of content – when other factors are on a similar level, more accessible content may turn out to be more attractive.

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Google takes into account, among other things, page loading spe and mobile adaptation. Context and settings – location information, search history or search engine settings (e.g. preferr language, SafeSearch filter enabl) help optimize content in terms of relevance and usability for the user. In which we are locat, typing a given keyword into the search engine may bring completely different results. Summary: EEAT Bearing in mind the fact that Google tries to respond to the user’s intentions as accurately as possible and constantly improves this process, ensuring the generation of valuable content for the user should be a priority for every website. contact Comments add comment Finland Mobile Number List Your e-mail address will not be publish.

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