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SEE ALL ENTRIES PREVIOUS ENTRY “Double EAT”, or what does the extra E mean in the concept of EAT? NEXT ENTRY Handle all social mia profiles in one place, which are the most important functions of NapoleonCat Do you want to start cooperation with us? Fill out the Brief!  and will allow us to better prepare for the conversation with you. COMPLETE THE BRIEFDouble EAT”, or what does the extra E mean in the concept of EAT? SEO January , Patricia Cat Creating content on websites is one of the main elements of positioning. We know perfectly well that high positions in search results are not only earn by properly select key phrases, but also by the overall quality and cribility of the text.

The concept of EAT Content evaluation

What factors are taken into account when Google automatically generates results, and what is the latest update to Google’s QA Guidelines?  under Google’s automatic ranking system focuses on several factors. In , the term EAT appear in the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines document , which was closely relat to such an assessment of the quality of websites. It was bas on pillars (you can read more in the archival article) : Expertise – Each topic requires a different level of expertise to be trust. The content provid should be bas on the skills and knowlge of the content Estonia Mobile Number List creator. Authoritativeness – although most topics do not have a single official website or content creator.

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High-quality sites will be a greater authority in a given field. Trustworthiness – the most important pillar and binder of the EEAT concept. The accuracy, fairness and security of the website are assess.  by, for example, evaluating the security of the online payment system and customer service, honest product reviews, in addition, the cribility of the content is one of the factors taken into account in the ranking. YMYL topics should be Bulk Lead carefully to prevent harm to people.