They are intend to help users achieve their business goals by building a sustainable community of recipients . Simpler and more intuitive content layout, easy switching between the website and personal profile, new security features to tect spam content and fake accounts, dicat news channel for joint tracking of trends, conversations, interaction with peers and fans, even more personaliz notifications. Easy navigation between profiles One of the changes, which are to a large extent to facilitate the use of Facebook, is relat to the resign of the interface for switching between a personal and business account.

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The appearance and operation have been refresh and the transparency of functionality has been improv. This will make it easier to view company page elements such as history, posts, and key contact information. New Facebook page interface. What changes await users in ? Source: about. Fbnews introducing-the-new-page-experience No more page likes  discuss change introduc by the Menlo Park giant. In the new interface, there will be no page Saudi Arabia Phone Numbers List likes, and the emphasis will be on followers. “ With this change, we want to simplify the way people connect to their favorite sites. Traditionally, in the case of changes, a basic question arises: how will they affect our daily functioning in social mia? – The change in the appearance of Facebook has long been expect by all users.

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Unlike likes, Page Followers represent people who can receive updates from Pages.  Which helps public figures better fine their audiences , explains Asad Awan, Facebook’s Director of Public Relations and Monetization. Easier website management From now on, you will be able to manage the technical aspect of our Facebook page even more precisely. Assignment and management of administrator rights has been introduc , which will be relat to the duties actually perform. – From now on, for example, you can grant different levels of access to manage specific tasks, including Bulk Lead statistics, ads, content, and community activity and news.