I think of them as mentors, coaches and partners. I think of them as a source of inspiration. I think of them as a motivator for me, because if they have been able to do something, so can I. Think about this for a moment: I live in a town of 6500 people I am a single parent I’m lying on the bed and typing on my laptop Sometimes I talk to clients on the phone or Skype Sometimes I meet them face to face I chat with students via Facebook live I am still remembered as the founder of the Unelma Onnellištä blog and community If I had said to myself, “I can’t do this because someone else is already doing the same thing,” would right now? A business or a blog cannot succeed without one thing. You.

I be writing this post to you

 So what? I’m actually very glad I’m not the only one because otherwise I wouldn’t have anyone to learn new special data things from. Also check out this: 3 easy steps to start blogging I don’t think of other bloggers, entrepreneurs and coaches as my competition. You are the driving force behind your blog or business. That’s why blogging is so important, because you can use it to build a strong personal brand. With your blog, you can help others and leave a meaningful footprint in this world.
shared… like HBO’s theme songs 180 SHARES Facebook 179 Twitter Pinterest 1 LinkedIn TOP 3 reasons why you haven’t started blogging yet and how to get rid of these excuses once and for all. I know this sounds selfish. But every time I see a great (upcoming or aspiring) blogger rambling on about starting a blog, I want to scream.

To start blogging This can also be

 I know it is none of my business whether someone starts blogging or not. But when a person with interesting ideas, passion and expertise in their field does not use it to help others, it frustrates me to listen to those old excuses: however, no one listens to me however, no one cares I can’t write I have nothing interesting and new to say someone else has already said everything I want to say… You  Bulk Lead know, if everyone thought like this, not a single blog and post would be published. Blogging doesn’t only change your life (if the blog is set up correctly), it also changes the lives of others for the better. I have witnessed dozens of creative people pursue their own dreams.