Developers Must Also

Developers Must Also

It allows you to view the data in the format of your choice. Choose from a variety of layout options, search. Any way you choose (top-up, bottom-up, from a specific point. Or anywhere in between), and view your unique data which. Is specific to the project is shown.

simultaneously to understand code at a high level.

  •  the system better by using code visualization.
  • Eliminate any security holes.
  • Find and fix issues with multicore and multithreading.
  • Custom reports increase transparency and
  • Code should be check against regulatory
  • requirements and coding standards


View multiple metrics

  • CodeSonar can perform short scans of parts phone leads for sale of the code on developer workstations, detail and in-depth tests, including concurrency analysis during regression testing, and everything in between. It is finally scalable.
  • As you move, information is gradually reveal, rucing visual clutter while maintaining connection information.
  • Create a graphical representation of the software that covers the code to show corrupt data paths that are very difficult to detect.
  • Data cannot be exporte in a suitable format

on the platform, please contact the seller for his prices.

Using CppDepend is very easy. As the name suggests, this program.Is used to analyze C/C++ code. features an add-on that interacts with Visual Studio and supports several metrics for measuring code quality.

The price is not listed


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It’s a tool that makes it easier to maintain a difficult C++ (Native, Mi, and COM) code base.

By comparing multiple versions of the code, architects and developers can examine the structure of the code, set design guidelines, conduct effective code reviews, and under

  • This tool provides for dependency visualization Bulk Lead using direct graphs and dependency matrix and supports a wide range of code metrics.
  • User-dg LINQ queries.
  • The tools also evaluate architecture and quality standards and compare code base snapshots.
  • A large number CQLinq code rules are included in the product.

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