As we grew we modernize communication and ventur into advertising. We began to advertise in traditional mia such as radio tv and outdoor. Advertising and we were doing very well until there came a point where we were not growing we were not sure. That radio and television advertising was driving sales. We also didn’t have any more markets where we could open stores. And now that we ask ourselves what problem or ne we were actually. Solving and realiz where we could find opportunities. Find the ne or problem that your brand can solve in footwear the problem is logistical.

Tips to reduce returns

In the shoe business you must have at least sizes of each reference. Imagine a store that has references and each one must have at least pairs. It’s too much. We did a measurement and found that almost half of the time customers couldn’t find the shoe mobile app development service they were looking for. When a customer falls in love with a pair of shoes she falls in love! As a man I thought actually there are very similar shoes if there is no size I choose another pair of shoes. And I couldn’t understand it until one day a client told me ‘imagine.

Punctuality in delivery

That you fall in love with a woman but that woman is marri. She has a twin sister so marry her they are practically the same. At that moment I realiz that when a person falls in love with some shoes it is very difficult to change them for others. Therefore customers Bulk Lead who did not find the shoe in stock left. Understanding this and given that we could not have more stock in the stores due to the high cost of capital we creat a system to tell the client ‘I don’t have your size but if you pay.