How to create an employee file

How to create an employee file

The Human Resources department usually handles a considerable amount of data and documents. It is responsible for safeguarding information about employee history. As well as personal files, the to create an record of absences and vacations, absences or reprimands, among many more. All this information should be gathered in one place, and must be easy to access, especially for the correct management of our staff. These documents that bring together all this data are called employee files . Information and updates on our workers up to date and in good condition. Such as accidents or medical leave. These actions sometimes happen more or less often. For example, in the event that a worker is unwell and there. Are no signs of life on their personal phone, we must contact their emergency contact . 

What should be on an employee file

Every worker file must include a series of mandatory. These are tax data, academic data and to create an emergency contacts . This information is global and does not usually vary. Although it will depend on the type of company if we need to investigate  certain further, since the same certificates and qualifications are not required for all workers. Tax data: this Email List will collect the employee’s basic information, as well as contact information and details about their work and position in the company. We can also emphasize his tasks and responsibilities, as well as projects he is currently working on. Name and surname Birthdate Identity card Home Contact mode Social security affiliation number Position in the company Type of contract Academic data: collects the skills and certifications of an employee. These may be those that the employee has obtained before.

Disadvantages of working with Excel

The objective of working with employee files is, basically, to gather all the about a worker in one place.  It will not be of much use to us and the initial effort will have been in vain. Danger of data loss In the same way, when organizing the documents of each worker, they will not be able to be accessed directly . A hyperlink will have to be placed to a Bulk Lead virtual cloud where the documents are at hand. Excel does not support all types of documents, so we will have to use external links and add them manually. This link architecture also since if we want to modify. A document we must be careful not to break the links of the others. There are also cases where employee records are stored on a single computer and in an analogue manner.

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