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The above information means that: Until July  you can still collect, process and analyze new data in your Universal Analytics properties. After July , , you will only have access to previously process data and analyze it for at least months. You will no longer be able to collect new data from your site on Universal Analytics (UA) services. From July , , Google Analytics (GA ) will collect, process and analyze new data.  July. Google has not yet provid a specific date until which existing services will retain historical data and be available to users.

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We can expect this in the near future. What should be the next steps? The quot messages directly indicate the ne to create a new Google Analytics service for your website. Preferably as soon as possible, because GA will only contain data that will be sent to the service after its launch – newly collect. Can you export UA data to the new GA service?  Analytics in Kuwait Mobile Number List several ways, including: By exporting individual reports to CSV, TSV, TSV for Excel, Excel (XLSX), Google Sheets and PDF formats. Using the Google Analytics Reporting API. If you are using GA , you can export data to Big Query.

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Find out more about this in our article entitl “How to export data from Universal Analytics?” . It is likely that Google will offer more guidance on exporting UA data in the coming months, but there is no way to export data from Universal Analytics directly to Google Analytics.  New data model where UA data is not will adapt. And you? Already using the new Google Analytics ? We have been “living” GA in our analytical team for almost a year now. A new tool requires getting to know it and adapting it to the nes of our customers and our customers in the new reality. The main Bulk Lead goal for was to make customers aware of the importance of analytics more than ever.