However be careful and mark

However be careful and mark

The necessary information on the implementation of FAQPage can be found in the Google documentation and at schema.orgFAQPage . Also, remember to only have one answer per question. There is also an alternative to FAQPage data type QAPage. We use them when we have several answers to one question, for example, sent by users. Information on this can be found here: schema.orgQAPage . After the FAQ update, only two snippets will be displayed. This does not mean, however, that if more elements are marked on our website, we have to make corrections in the code. In this case, the first two rich snippets (or those selected by Google) will simply be displayed. A minimum of two sets of questions and answers. This will increase the chance of appearing on the SERP page.

The correctness of the implementation

The sample code in Google’s recommended JSON format looks like this: Such code can be generated using many online tools, one of them is: saijogeorgejson-ld-schema-generatorfaq. When we use a CMS such as WordPress, we can implement the FAQ using a plugin, for example Yoast SEO, in which the “Yoast Structured Data Blocks” function is available that allows you to implement FAQ data. FAQ monitoring¬† of the structured data FAQ can be checked Malaysia Mobile Number List in the tool located at (replacing the currently withdrawn Structured Data Testing Tool ): An alternative rich snippet checker is the Rich Result Test.

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What to do if despite the implementation

FAQ data is included in the “Improvements” report in Google Search Console. It allows you to check errors, warnings and valid items, as well as views of FAQ pages: Why don’t FAQ rich snippets appear in search results?¬† of structured data, rich snippets are still not visible in the search results? First of all, it should be remembered that the appearance of the FAQ on the SERP page is not obligatory. In the Bulk Lead case of other rich snippets, the search engine decides about their appearance.

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