How Do Shopee-supported Logistics Usually Deliver Products

How Do Shopee-supported Logistics Usually Deliver Products

Shopee Supported Logistics will deliver the package to the address stated on the mailing label. If no one is present when the courier arrives to deliver the package, Shopee will contact the client to schedule a second delivery attempt.

If Shopee support logistics sends the courier a second time and no one accepts the package, then Shopee support logistics will return the package to the shopee seller.

How do I add a courier to my seller on Shopee

You can configure your delivery channel using the Shopee Seller Center Shipping Settings page or the Shopee app. Contact Shopee Customer Service or your Relationship Manager to request additional Delivery Channels.

Can I use my courier on Shopee?
You can select your preferred shipping option on the Shopee App Checkout page. In the Shopee App, select the shipping method > Select the shipping method you want from the options provided by the vendor. Finally, ‘Confirm.’

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What are the best product categories for each SEA region

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Every country has its own popular Bulk Lead goods due to the different demands of consumers.

However, it should come as no surprise that there are some similarities across product categories across borders.

Because while consumer wants are constantly changing, there are universal basic needs that exist wherever your customers are.

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