Have no idea how to apply this format? we suggest! Your photodump can be a combination of photos showing, for example: behind the scenes of everyday work, coverage of an industry event, application of your company’s products in practice. How many photos or videos are worth posting. Remember, however, that this is a very individual matter, and you can only find out the answer to the above question by regularly observing post statistics and drawing conclusions from them. Show the backstage of your work As we mention earlier in this article, naturalness is gaining more and more popularity in social mia, and pos, filter content is taking a back seat.

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How can you join this trend?  in the strategy e.g. behind-the-scenes publications . Such posts on Instagram, in addition to arousing the curiosity of users, and thus better results, can be an effective tool in building authenticity and trust of users. Want to capture an important post? Pin it to the top of your profile From spring , we have the ability to pin a Kenya Mobile Number List maximum of posts to the top of the fe. It is worth using this feature, especially if you want to increase the likelihood that people visiting your profile will see your content.

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Instagram activities this year

How do I pin a post on Instagram? Click the three dots above the select post. Select the “Pin to profile” option. Go to profile view – a pinn post will be mark with a pin icon in the upper right corner of the photo. We hope these tips will inspire you as you plan your. However, remember to keep in mind your target group and the goals you want to achieve. Perhaps not all of the above tips will work for you. The key to success in this matter is to regularly observe Bulk Lead statistics and draw conclusions.